Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of hours you can reserve a Limo Bus/Limousine for?

For our Limo Buses and Limousines, there is a two-hour minimum. In the event that only less than 2 hours will be needed, a charge for two hours will occur.

Does Mid Michigan Limousine offer a shuttling Service?

We do offer a luxury shuttle service for any event. All shuttling will require a 20% driver gratuity that will be automatically added.

Does Mid Michigan Limousine travel out of state?

No, we do not travel out of the state of Michigan.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Alcoholic beverages are allowed (bottled/caned) in our limousine or limo buses. There will be no Alcohol allowed in the Escalade.

What is included with a reservation?

Included with every reservation is a personal chauffeur. With a limousine/limo bus, ice and bottled water will be provided inside of the built in coolers in the vehicles.

How soon should I make a reservation?

We always recommend to make a reservation as soon as possible. Waiting longer will risk the chance that a selected vehicle is unavailable.

Are children allowed in the limousine or limo bus?

Children are allowed in our limousine or limo buses.

How many people fit comfortably inside a limousine or Limo Bus?

Michigan Department of Transportation sets the limit on how many passengers are allowed to ride in the limousine/limo bus at one time. The measurements for Michigan is 14 inches of seat space per person.

Is there a bathroom on the limo bus?

Currently, we do not offer a bathroom on board our limo buses. We will be happy to make as many stops necessary for these brakes.


  1. Mid Michigan Limousine (MML) agrees to provide the designated vehicle and a driver at the time, date and location specified on the contract.
  2. Unless specified on the contract, requests for additional hours on the day of the event will only be provided if the vehicle is available. Additional hours are not guaranteed. Overtime will be billed at the rate of $80 per hour, billed in half hour increments unless discussed prior. Customer agrees to pay any overtime charges.
  3. Customer understands and accepts that Acts of God, unforeseen traffic & severe weather conditions may delay travel. There may be unexpected vehicle breakdowns &/or amenity breakdowns & other unforeseen events beyond the control of Company for which Company shall not be liable to Customer. In the event of any of the above, all efforts will be made to supply a replacement vehicle. If a replacement vehicle is sent &/or Customer refuses a replacement vehicle, no refund is due. If customer uses vehicle “as is”, no refund is due. If no replacement is available & Company deems vehicle unable to continue the rental, refund shall be limited to the unused portion of service and shall not exceed the amount paid by the Customer. In case of an emergency, the Company may sub-contract this rental to another limousine service
  4. The number of passengers allowed in the vehicle shall not exceed the number specified on the contract or the maximum capacity in which the vehicle is designed to transport.
  5. MML and its employees are not responsible for any unattended, forgotten, left, lost, damaged or stolen articles at any time in the vehicle.
  6. The sale or use of ILLEGAL DRUGS or SMOKING is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Alcohol consumption by minors is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. There is to be no fighting or wrestling on the vehicle at any time. MML reserves the right to immediately terminate service without any refund to any party or person(s) who violates these rules.
  7. Harassment, belligerent and/or aggressive behavior, whether physical or verbal, to any MML staff will not be tolerated. Driver or staff reserves the right to terminate services immediately without refund in the event of such occurrences.
  8. All tolls (ETR 407) and parking fees are not included in the rental rate and are the responsibility of the customer.
  9. There will be a $10.00 charge for any broken or missing glassware. There will be a $25 charge for missing / broken iPod cord. This will be billed to the credit card on file.
  10. Non-Emergency use of the Emergency Exits in the vehicles is prohibited; if damage is caused to the window as a result of a Non-Emergency the customer will be charged a $500.00 fee for the replacement of the window.
  11. Customer accepts full responsibility for vehicle damage or special cleaning and any loss of income due to negligence and/or carelessness caused by any member of the customer’s group or the customer. (i.e. vehicle damages caused from smoking, burns, vomiting, scratches, broken glassware, stains, wrestling, kicking windows/mirrors, etc..). Customer authorizes MML to charge the guaranteeing credit card for the expenses of any such damage. If the guaranteeing credit card cannot be charged for any reason, customer agrees to pay for damages within seven days from the event date. Customer agrees to pay for any collection expenses and/or attorney fees and costs associated with collections efforts.
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